Luxury Goods & Cosmetics

The luxury sector is undergoing a real transformation. The challenge now is to address the challenges of strong and sustainable growth while preserving the “Made in France” label and aligning with the expectations of new generations.

Luxury Goods & Cosmetics

Luxe & Cosmétique

A Deep and Rapid Mutation

The Luxury sector is undergoing a simultaneous and rapid mutation due to the development of 4.0 technologies.

The challenge of capturing the “millennial” market is driving the introduction of innovations such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and IoT, while also developing an image of “sustainable” luxury: responsible sourcing of raw materials, sharing economy, recycling, etc.

Additionally, there are significant industrial challenges for this sector that requires high expertise: How to leverage new design and manufacturing technologies? How to use data across the entire value chain?

The growth of online sales and the desire for a differentiated customer experience in boutiques also make mastering the omnichannel approach essential.

Finally, human capital and skills management are major challenges for this industry, which needs to attract, train, and retain talent.

Aim for the Excellence the Profession Demands

Current challenges surrounding collection management and the frequent introduction of novelties are compelling luxury industry players to rethink their product development processes (3D design, PLM, Lean and Agile cycles). Teams – Studio, Procurement, Development, Industrialization, Quality, and Production – are united around a unified collaborative platform.

Luxury constantly evolves and reinvents its iconic products at an increasingly frequent rate. These structural changes require optimizing collection management, integrating the concept of personalization throughout the value chain, successfully achieving omnichannel transformation, improving visibility, and offering customer service while reducing stock through increased agility, cross-functionality, and digital innovations.

The acceleration of digital transformation in the luxury sector is more real than ever: capturing new generations, mastering the complexity and evolution of the IT system by placing data at the heart of considerations, user-oriented innovation, pressure on operational excellence, and automation…

Product Lifecycle Management / PLM

Optimize product development and implement PLM strategies integrating change management.

Supply Chain / Operations Optimization

Develop and implement effective strategies to accompany structural changes in the Supply Chain and Operations.

Digital Transformation and IT

Prepare and steer digital transformation from upstream to downstream to address the challenges of IT and CDO areas.

Our clients belong to prestigious luxury houses in various sectors:

Fashion (ready-to-wear, footwear)

Leather goods and accessories



Perfumes and cosmetics

We carry out multiple projects in this sector every year, totaling over 75 projects in 30 years.

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