Weakened by competitors with cheaper energy sources and significant investments, the European chemical industry also faces environmental challenges related to its material flows, products, and factories. To address these challenges, it must innovate, invest, and enhance its entire value chain.


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Developing green, decarbonized, and competitive chemistry

The four main challenges of the European process indsutries are:

  1. Innovate to develop “green” products and processes.
  2. Decarbonize across all scopes: factories and material flows while integrating suppliers.
  3. If necessary, invest in developing capacities in Europe (competitiveness, resilience, carbon footprint).
  4. Enhance skills and organizations to be more responsive and tackle new challenges.

Which Levers to Address These Challenges?

  1. Innovate in designing new products and manufacturing processes.
  2. Define and implement energy efficiency and environmental impact reduction master plans.
  3. Accelerate digital transformation to enhance process efficiency.
  4. Establish new organizational models to enhance competitiveness.


IText: innovation management process, business needs characterization, partnership policy preparation, innovation lab.

Industrial Master Plan

A 3-5-year projection to prepare for necessary transformations in terms of location, sourcing, and performance.

Decarbonization of Factories and Material Flows

Decarbonization master plan (3 scopes) and energy efficiency.

Process Efficiency

Performance of core and cross-functional processes (R&D, Production, Logistics...) and implementation of necessary tools (information systems, digitalization, etc.).

Skills and Organization

Organizational model review to adapt to responsiveness, mastery of skills, and performance needs.

Change Management

Transformation support.

Case studies

A team of experts

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