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The IT Department, a New Value Driver?

Digitalization, driven by business needs and new economic models, places pressure on all systems and the governance of the IT department. It must organize itself to address and anticipate new sources of value dynamically.

Climate challenges require adopting a sustainable approach: measuring the ecological impact of the IT department and outlining a roadmap (energy efficiency, material life cycle analysis, new criteria in procurement), all while continuing to promote innovation: providing an agile framework for the rapid introduction of innovations that meet business expectations.

Market changes, whether technological or behavioral, require adaptation. The IT department must support business transformations by adopting a Business Partner approach to build a relationship of trust, protect the integrity of the company’s assets against external risks by offering end-to-end cybersecurity protection, from solution design to corporate culture.

Finally, the IT department must offer new services to leverage data for optimizing operations: mastering rich and diverse sources of information to uncover growth opportunities.

Placing IT at the heart of the Business

The main challenge for your organizations is to anticipate and drive the evolution of your information systems to support operational synergies by having an agile, robust, virtuous organization that can communicate effectively with your teams. Transformation must begin now!

Planning the IT transformation

Design a project plan aligned with the company's strategy, business needs, and technological innovation challenges.

Making IT serve the business

Make business processes efficient by implementing an optimized application portfolio.

Leveraging data

Structure data governance (processes, document corpus) and implement dedicated tools (PIM/MDM).

Promoting responsible digitalization

Frame and support your Green IT transformation according to your digital environmental maturity.

Structuring an Agile IT organization

Clarify roles, streamline processes, simplify governance, and monitor performance to have a strong IT department.

Managing IT project portfolio

Provide your project portfolio with the necessary assets to secure and improve your IT service offerings.

Protecting against cyber risks

Structure and organize cybersecurity to ensure the sovereignty of IT without burdening innovation capability.

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