Our HR Promise

Our HR Promise


At Mews Partners, our promise is to accompany you and help you grow:

Upon arrival, employees are guided by our central functions teams as well as by a mentor in discovering Mews Partners’ tools and processes, as well as understanding the cultural norms of Mews Partners.

At Mews Partners, each employee is entitled to a minimum of 5 days of training every year through our Mews Academy, which offers over 100 courses.

The growth of our employees also involves continuous learning through our projects, under the guidance of a Job Leader, and the opportunity to become an internal trainer.

A coach is appointed when the employee joins and supports them in understanding and highlighting their strengths and development areas. The employee builds and adjusts their career path with the coach, guiding their evolution over the years at Mews Partners.

The evaluation and promotion process takes place during an annual People Review, bringing together all of Mews Partners’ coaches and partners. Decisions are made collectively with full knowledge of the context.

The staffing process is carried out collectively and on a weekly basis. This process helps identify staffing needs (projects, internal tasks) and, to the extent possible, takes into account everyone’s expectations.

At Mews Partners, we believe that the office is essential. It serves as a place for collective development, creating connections, knowledge transfer, collaboration, and exchange. It is designed by and for the employees to be as adaptable as possible.

For functions that allow it, remote work for up to two days a week is also an option.


At Mews Partners, you can make an impact both internally and externally:

Since we all invest a lot of time and energy in our work, it is crucial that it has as much meaning as possible. In line with our purpose, we aim to be closely aligned with the challenges of the European industry and focus on missions that best address those challenges.

Nearly a quarter of employees are involved in one of our internal CSR projects.

We also support our clients in decarbonization and reducing their carbon footprint by leveraging our expertise in R&D, manufacturing, and the supply chain.

We believe that diversity and inclusion are development challenges and sources of wealth for Mews Partners.

We are proud of our overall score of 89/100 in the gender equality index in 2023 , but we want to go further by focusing on supporting our female talents and promoting diversity in top management.

Furthermore, we have developed several initiatives to promote inclusion, such as disability awareness, skills sponsorship, pro bono missions, and in 2023, we will appoint a Disability Referent to further our efforts.

At Mews Partners, employees are encouraged to collaborate with each other, regardless of their entity. We ensure that our internal operating methods and performance management tools are always in service of cooperation.

We also support mobility aspirations by building a transition plan for employees who wish to pursue them.


At Mews Partners, we are driven to offer you a unique professional life experience in a company with a strong and distinctive culture:

Our missions are essential to us and our clients, and their success is the foundation of our future development and growth.

We practice true hands-on management in our missions, characterized by continuous listening and dialogue, so that each employee has the means to grow and flourish.

At Mews Partners, intrapreneurship is second nature. We want every employee with a development project in line with our purpose to be able to pursue it within Mews Partners.

We identify with the famous saying, “Be serious without taking ourselves too seriously.”

At Mews Partners, you will find a unique spirit of mutual assistance, with nearly 60% of employees being recommended by other employees.

We strive to develop this strong element of our corporate culture through numerous events organized by and for employees: company team-building at the beginning and end of the year, monthly outings initiated by employees, and more.

We invite you to enrich this collection by letting your imagination run free…

Our authenticity is essential; we interact with our clients with the same values that drive us: professionalism, a culture of collaboration and co-construction, proximity, and friendliness.

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