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The construction sector is evolving: we are taking action today to build the performance of tomorrow.

Construction & Infrastructure

Construction & Infrastructures - cabinet de conseil

Undergo Profound Transformation and Tackle New Challenges

Companies in the infrastructure sector must significantly enhance their performance to ensure resilience in a rapidly changing environment: reduced attractiveness, environmental regulations, and stakeholders’ sensitivity to the carbon footprint of their investments, inflation, scarcity of certain materials and raw materials, gradual rise of low-cost international competition, and more.

We identify 3 major challenges to address:

1. Project Performance: Exceeding historical performance levels to remain competitive and generate the necessary margins for future investments (challenges 2 & 3).
• Overall performance lagging behind other sectors
• Slow integration of new practices
• Genuine risk of disruption

2. Integration of Environmental Issues: Taking concrete actions to align the sector with objectives by implementing practical solutions.
• The sector accounts for over 40% of emissions
• Over 70% are linked to design
• Ongoing scarcity of materials and increasing demand for low-carbon footprint materials

3. Attractiveness & Adaptability of Talents: Revitalizing interest in the sector, developing the necessary skills for the future, and offering new expertise to clients.
• Current industry constraints less accepted
• New jobs and skills are becoming necessary
• A need to evolve culture and practices to enhance project performance

Combining 5 Levers Today to Prepare for Tomorrow

In a context where environmental, digital, and organizational challenges are increasingly prominent, it is essential for companies to adopt innovative approaches and adapt to market changes. Our expertise helps clients address these challenges and provides practical, operational solutions to implement these 5 levers throughout the entire value chain and project lifecycle.

Eco-Design, Circular Economy, SME

Facilitating action in the heart of design, developing reuse industries, and enhancing building energy efficiency.

Digital & Agile Enterprise

Implementing a data strategy, integrating extended BIM in each project phase, and developing agile project practices.

Project Operational Excellence

Harnessing Lean practices in each project phase, optimizing risk management and construction logistics.

"Industrial" Upstream

Capturing and disseminating knowledge more widely, developing modular design and off-site construction, fostering industry collaboration, and progressively integrating the value chain.

Human Capital Transformation

Reinstating purpose and transforming a strong culture, adapting the work environment, and developing new skills.

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