In a booming sector, historical players and new entrants are adopting shorter development cycles and disruptive business models in response to ever-pressing profitability imperatives.


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Innovate and Accelerate in a Complex Environment

Managing Complexity and Facilitating Scalability

At the dawn of constantly intensifying international competition, more integrated and agile engineering platforms must swiftly convert business opportunities in a complex development environment.

Offering Competitive Solutions and Reducing Time-to-Market

The sector’s intense competition compels all value chain actors to activate new cost optimization levers and accelerate process industrialization.

Leveraging the Digital Potential to Support Downstream Sector Development

The accelerated commercialization of data-based services, particularly to address climate change challenges, relies on digitalization and the hybridization of spatial and local data.

Securing Financing Access and Forging Strategic Partnerships

While the sector traditionally evolved from public funds, many technologically mature actors now seek private capital to support their growth. Furthermore, in a heterogeneous ecosystem, industrial partnership policies play a decisive role.

Innovate, Design Efficiently, and Accelerate Growth

Innovate and Realize Opportunities. Quickly test and validate technical concepts while aligning them with market expectations and business challenges. Offer an end-to-end approach that combines data modeling with defining the economic model. Tackle difficulties and invigorate the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) advancement. Prepare the transition from pilot to commercial solution.

Facilitate the design of complex and adaptable systems in an ever-changing environment. Prioritize resources as needed, design products/services at the right value, and integrate industrialization and environmental impacts from day one.

Optimize operations and invigorate the supply chain. Offer lean management and establish operational excellence. Measure and improve supply chain performance. Transform organizations with efficient and resilient models while supporting change.


Innovation management process, needs characterization, preparation of partnership policies and R&T roadmap, innovation lab.

R&D Performance

Systems engineering, agile development, design-to-value-and-cost, modularity and reuse, lean engineering.

Agile Transformation

Data and Digital Transformation

From engineering to factories and customers, addressing green challenges.


Technical data management throughout the complete product/program lifecycle.

Procurement and Supply Chain Performance

People Booster

Talent retention, attractiveness, knowledge capitalization, and management.

Case studies

A team of experts

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