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Our story

Mews Partners is an independent management consulting firm founded in 1992 in Toulouse, in the heart of the aerospace and space industry. The firm, now present in Paris, Marseille, Nantes, Lyon, Munich, and Hamburg, employs nearly 300 consultants.

With a strong historical expertise in PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and an early focus on R&D, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing topics, Mews Partners has since expanded its consulting services into 10 areas of expertise, serving various industrial sectors.

In 2021, a team of research engineers, specializing in AI and complex modeling, joined the firm to strengthen its Data offering under the Mews Labs brand.

Our reason for striving

We cultivate expertise, performance and commitment to design and implement transformations for a stronger and more responsible European industry.

We believe in industry in Europe, in its capacity to innovate, to recreate jobs, to face globalization in a reasonable way, to create wealth while integrating the climate requirement.

We believe that the intersection of competitiveness, sovereignty, social responsibility, sustainability and resilience creates a complex equation of technical and economic challenges for the industry in Europe and deeply questions its role, its leadership, its influence and even its purpose.

Since 1992, Mews Partners has been accompanying large groups, ETIs, startups or institutions in the industry and distribution in their transformation. We will continue to help them write the path of European industry on a global scale – producing, exporting, connecting, decarbonizing, redistributing, scaling up, reinventing the “great wide” of our industrial prosperity.

The strength of Mews Partners lies in its ability to understand the entire value chain at a time when the challenges of industry are becoming increasingly interdependent and when the environmental and climate emergency requires us to think about the sustainability, responsibility and circularity of all economic and technical solutions.

We are convinced that mastering the end-to-end life cycle of industrial products is a major asset for our customers. We bring them the most relevant and sustainable solutions by combining expertise, experience and corporate cultures, while taking advantage of technological breakthroughs.

We leverage our expertise and agility at every stage of the product life cycle, we develop our business know-how and our experience of various sectors, we cultivate excellence and a human approach to achieve sustainable transformation. This range of expertise enables our clients to:

– innovate and master the development of products, industrial processes and services;

– master manufacturing systems, supply chain and operations;

– leverage information systems, data and new digital technologies;

– motivate, engage and organize their teams for change.

We believe that building a vision for the industry of the future is as important to as taking concrete action today, at the heart of projects. With an enlightened pragmatism, our action with our clients reconciles strategic and operational consulting, and responds to the challenges of both top management and operational levels through concrete approaches. We adapt to each issue and focus on the transfer of skills to increase the performance and autonomy of our clients.

The methods, tools and points of view that we develop and implement permanently aim at tangible, attainable and sustainable results. We therefore pay constant attention to their human and cultural dimensions.

Performance has always been our primary concern, and we are aware that today it can no longer be summed up as simply reducing costs and schedules. It requires us to constantly reinvent ourselves in our methods and technological tools, as well as in the construction of new offers and the design of our collaboration methods.

We believe that Europe lives on its capacity for innovation. And, for the collaborators of Mews Partners as for our customers, we are convinced that all the levers developing teams engagement represent a source of productivity. In our service offer as in our own management practices, we train and accompany the talents to face effectively the technical, organizational and human challenges of tomorrow.

Mews Partners’ employees carry our project and our values of excellence, respect and team spirit. For their individual development and the group’s one, we favor adaptable expertise paths, allowing everyone to express his potential through his own experiences and know-how. We encourage individual initiative and team projects, as well as the crossing of cultures in a caring manner, the exemplarity and demand in our modes of management and in our behaviors.

Thanks to its independence, Mews Partners offers a space of freedom to develop ideas, projects and initiatives in order to exceed our usual perimeter of action. In its history as in its future, the growth of the firm depends on this capacity of invention.

Thus, in addition to the centrality of the partnership which we care about, the employee experience at Mews is consistent with the solutions we recommend to our customers – diversity, autonomy and responsibility of the teams, collective and individual development paths.


OUR governance

The firm is structured around a partnership. This community of Partners defines and implements the firm’s strategic plan, supported by Corporate Functions, in support of advisory activities.

An appealing and formalized equity access program encourages consultant commitment within the firm to build a long-term development project.

OUR CSR commitments

CSR at the Heart of Our Development Project

Mews Partners has implemented a strong CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy, involving all teams in concrete actions and awareness initiatives focused on three key areas: environmental, societal, and responsible procurement.

Our CSR momentum aligns fully with our HR promise and currently engages 1/4 of our employees through:



Aimed at reducing or repurposing waste, promoting sustainable mobility, and advocating for responsible digital practices.



In the form of sponsorship, pro bono missions, and various actions with associations such as collections (food banks, books, etc.) or participation in their initiatives (DuoDayCulture prioritaire, …).


To ensure a balance between professional and personal life, support parenthood (childcare facilities), promote gender equality, and combat discrimination.


That promote responsible procurement, including support for assisted businesses and ESATs (French centers employing disabled workers).

OUR European projects

Innovation and R&D are essential drivers of economic development and competitiveness for the industry. This is especially true in a constantly evolving market, subject to various regulatory requirements, as well as ongoing human and ecological transformations.

That is why, since 2015, Mews Partners has been involved in several R&D projects supported by the European Commission:

OUR ecosystem

Expertise Partnerships and Competitiveness Clusters

We are known and recognized within our ecosystem. Over the years, we have built lasting relationships that enable us to share our vision, expertise, and values. We regularly participate in events to showcase our expertise and stay informed about the latest market innovations and trends.

Academic Partnerships



Sponsoring of Emilien Jacquelin

In 2023, we have sponsored Émilien Jacquelin, a French biathlon athlete who is a two-time World Pursuit Champion (2020 and 2021) and a double silver medalist at the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing (mixed relay and men’s relay).

Emilien embodies the values of excellence, teamwork, and resilience that we uphold.

Emilien Jacquelin _ créditer ©️Klip fr-min

photo : ©️Klip.fr

OUR labels & awards

The council members


The firm is managed by the Senior Partners Committee, the COUNCIL.