Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management

We are PLM ("Product Lifecycle Management") Business Architects since the company creation. PLM is in our DNA”

Product Lifecycle Management - PLM

Optimizing product development for success

  • To be competitive, optimize product development processes for the right product, market, value, and cost
  • Be resilient with agile and risk-ready development
  • Succeed in digital transformation with IT and digital engineering
  • Contribute to greenness and social responsibility with greener products and impact awareness
  • Ensure team commitment with engagement and skills management
  • Leverage operations to offer new products and services

End to end support from strategy to deployment

Our offers help customers optimize their product development for greater competitiveness, resilience, and sustainability. We cover strategy, process optimization, digital transformation, sustainability, team engagement, and operations. We work closely with our customers to develop customized action plans that align with their business goals and priorities.

PLM Foundations

Getting started with and optimizing your PLM deployment to drive innovation

PLM Project Management

Using deliverables-based project management to optimize your program governance

Resilient PLM

Ensuring that your PLM deployment is built to withstand unplanned interruptions of service

Master Data Management

Centralizing control of your master data to streamline your digital thread from conception to delivery

IT Platform and Interfaces Strategy

Deploying your PLM platform in an existing IT eco-system with robust connections to other relevant systems

Smart Data (& Augmented Engineer / AI)

Leveraging the latest technologies in augmented reality, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in your product development

Product Line / Modularity

Deploying Process, Method and Tools (PM&T) initiatives directed towards modularized assemblies and quality control

Industrie 4.0

Managing the transition to a virtual factory for your manufacturing and production planning processes

PLM for Sustainability

Optimizing the carbon footprint of product development and manufacturing through green best practices

Digital Twin (& Connected Product)

Adopting digital twins for more realistic modeling and faster time-to-market with higher quality

Case studies

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