Framework and Definition of a “Smart Data” Roadmap for Offering New Services
Cadrage et définition d’une Roadmap « Smart Data » pour offrir de nouveaux services

Framework and Definition of a “Smart Data” Roadmap for Offering New Services

As a promoter and manufacturer, our client has tasked us with framing and defining their new digitization strategy focused on Smart Data.

No longer consider the building as a standalone finished product, but as a platform offering new services.”


Smart Data lies at the heart of the revitalization of the technological offering, addressing the challenges of digital transformation and ecological transition towards a more efficient economy through data utilization. To differentiate itself from the competition and grow the revenue of its Services entity, our client aimed to:

  • Identify and qualify its customers’ needs
  • Identify new services to offer them
  • Identify the connections between customers and data


Our intervention proceeded through 4 key stages:

  1. Gathering the expectations of building users
  2. Identifying a set of new services that could meet their expectations
  3. Prioritizing these services and defining the corporate strategy to support this transformation (establishment of a cross-functional Digital entity, partnerships with startups, etc.)
  4. Presenting pricing models


A new commercial strategy defined, based on a mapping of the client ecosystem and a classification of building users through a “customer journey” approach (investors, property and facility managers, tenants).

Four use cases launched in experimentation to validate the business model (energy management, occupancy management, connected maintenance, and user request portal).

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