Change management for an aerospace major player

Change management for an aerospace major player

General competitiveness plan and change management. A renewed growth with sustainable improvement dynamics…and mobilized teams to perform the transformation.

Mews Partners added value: the working together mode, their challenging spirit, their capability to adapt the plan with a high reactivity.”


The situation of this major aerospace European leader in the market of geospatial information was worrying: market shares were stagnating, American competition was particularly aggressive, and the financial situation had deteriorated.


The competitiveness plan was initiated with interviews at all hierarchical levels as well as multifunctional workshops for root causes analysis. The discussion around feedbacks and external benchmarks has enriched this first phase. Then, the construction of a roadmap of projects followed (project charters with indicators and their objectives, team, sponsor) also using also existing initiatives.

Finally, for the transformation to have a full impact, a change management plan has been developed with impact analysis workshops, integration of the social agenda into the planning, a change management plan focused on mobilization and communication, and a monitoring of implemented actions impacts.


Through the 24 working groups launched and the intervention of Mews Partners, the competitiveness plan made it possible to:

  • Bring the different actors together
  • Make the first results visible
  • Clarify the vision at several management levels
  • Improve inefficient processes
  • Identify latent problems and accelerate the implementation of deep actions (organization transformation, new processes)
  • Visibly involve Top Management in actions (informal exchanges, regular communication)
  • Take ownership of the plan objectives (all employees)
  • Motivate teams to participate in the plan (input of ideas, involvement in working groups)
  • Set up a climate of trust (legitimacy of the project).

This was made possible through 24 working groups involving 130 individuals and resulted in a 15-point EBIT improvement for the client and a 13% increase in sales.

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