Definition and implementation of a business recovery plan
Définition et mise en œuvre d’un plan de retour à la profitabilité

Definition and implementation of a business recovery plan

Our client company set the ambitious objective to earn 10 EBIT points in one year, to achieve a key milestone in its return to profitability.

Very good achievements in the first six months. Program is running extremely well. Workstreams have delivered.” - Feedback session led by COO


The company has achieved fragile results over several consecutive years. In 2018, shareholders decided to change gears and required to adjust the business model, optimize the operational structure and develop sales.


The program was initiated by a series of meetings allowing to establish the guiding principles of the transformation. A construction phase allowed to structure the program into seven projects, triggered by initial action plans. Once the trajectory had been stabilized, critical levers were identified to ensure that the objectives were achieved in the event of a deviation.

The program was managed by three decision-making bodies, at different frequencies and granularities, to set the pace of actions and monitor results. A project dedicated to change management set awareness-raising and mobilization initiatives for the different teams and enabled to effectively spread the dynamics of transformation.


After Mews Partners assignment, the customer achieved the expected savings and was on a stable trajectory in line with the objectives set at the end of the year. The future could be approached with confidence because the necessary tools to guarantee precise control of progress and the appropriate levers to correct any deviations from the plan were in their hands.

The various projects allowed to optimize the operational plan through the restructuring of key processes and organizations. In the medium and long term, the transformation provided a clarification of the business model and a rationalization of activities around key assets that will accelerate the company’s development in 2019.

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