Development and integration of satellite payloads
Développement et intégration de charge utile de satellites

Development and integration of satellite payloads

We supported our client to launch a major program to transform its production line, organized around 3 clean rooms spread over 2 countries.

Our mission: 18 months to reinvent our plant, while maintaining our DNA of technological excellence.”


How to cope with a 30% increase in demand, while controlling risks?  How can we be more competitive with a time to market reduced by 20% while controlling costs to gain 10 points of profitability? How to prepare for market changes, with the arrival of micro and nano-satellite constellations?

Our client’s 300-strong division decided to launch a major programmed to transform its production chain, organised around 3 cleanrooms spread over 2 countries.


After a diagnostic phase, a collective work made it possible to identify solutions, quantify them, prioritize them and then structure the approach in order to implement them. The project lasted 18 months and mobilized a core-team project of 15 people. The Agile method was used to implement the tools, regularly involving management in key decisions. This has made it possible to improve responsiveness.

We took part in all of this transformation, from the scoping and construction phase of the project to implementation, with change management with the teams.


Many results:

  • New clean room to cope with increased activity
  • Redesign of organization and governance
  • Complete overhaul of processes: logistics, production planning, load-capacity matching of human and material resources, management of execution in clean rooms
  • Implementation of SAP IT tools and the 3DExperience suite DELMIA and APRISO
  • Innovation: virtual reality to optimize assembly sequences, etc.
  • Business continuity without disrupting production during the transition phase.


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