Eurobios Mews Labs - Mews Partners

In 2021, Eurobios – one of the market leaders in modeling and data science in France – joins Mews Partners. Founded in 1999, Eurobios is a consulting and solutions development company to help improving business processes and strategic decisions. From this acquisition was born the Eurobios Mews Labs project.

By expanding our Data Science footprint, we are able to offer our clients an even more complete range of services, from business analysis to complex problem solving.


Eurobios focuses its expertise on 4 main areas:

  • Predictive Analysis
    Predictive analysis solutions forecast short/medium term deadlines and define upstream the actions to be taken. Predictive analysis also allows you to choose from a wide range of solutions to be applied.

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  • Optimization
    Optimization is a process that allows you to obtain the best solution to problems that cannot be solved manually, while taking into account the numerous constraints that are linked to it.

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  • Planning
    Planning your activities in the short, medium and long term allows you to anticipate demand, better organise your work and improve efficiency. In this approach, human and material resources are used to the maximum and the real cost is reduced.

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  • Simulation
    Simulating a process or a system allows to build a model and to program it so that it behaves like a real system. With this model you can test different scenarios, check the results and examine the impacts.

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By combining the expertise of Eurobios and Mews Partners with the business knowledge of our consultants, Eurobios Mews Labs brings more value to our customers by helping them solving complex problems and by implementing efficient and innovative solutions that specifically meet their needs.