Assets Management [webinar]

The digital team of RTE international in partnership with Eurobios Mews Labs presents challenges in Assets Management!

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect to explore during this insightful session:

National Databases: Learn about the creation of the first national databases, pivotal for effective assets management.

Data Digitisation: Explore the world of data digitisation including datasheets, online databases, and advanced big data tools.

Ensuring Data Quality: Address the challenge of maintaining consistent data quality, given the multitude of sources, origins, and formats spanning back to the early 1900s.

Data for Asset Management: Analyze the relationship between internal and external data, incorporating observational data and operational data.

– Incorporating Historical Weather Data and Scientific Literature: Understand the significance of historical weather data and scientific literature in making informed decisions about asset management.

– Fatigue and Lifetime Predictions: Learn about methodologies employed for predicting fatigue and the lifetime of assets.

– Case Study: Overhead Lines | Delve into the specifics of overhead lines, including the replacement of conductors after 85 years of service and the installation of approximately 500 km of new or renewed lines in France.

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