Implementation of a Configuration Management Approach
Mise en place d’une démarche Gestion de Configuration

Implementation of a Configuration Management Approach

As part of the largest urban project in Europe, our mission involved supporting a public institution responsible for developing a public transportation network in defining and implementing a technical data management strategy.

Technical data management to address the crucial challenges of an urban transportation project.”


Our client aimed to establish a Configuration Management approach for technical data in order to optimize:

  • The structuring of data, from BIM models to documents
  • The consistency of data throughout the project lifecycle
  • Data sharing with stakeholders at various stages
  • Change management (impact analysis, traceability, etc.), controlling modifications, facilitating impact analysis

In a complex and digitizing sector, heavily document-centric, the company’s data management strategy must be tailored. All project stakeholders must be involved and share a common vision to facilitate the implementation of new processes and methods.


Initially, collaborative work was undertaken with various project stakeholders to develop a Configuration Management process: how to control the project description at any given time, relying on configuration items that break down the transportation network and centralize data: BIM models, technical documents, attributes, etc.

Subsequently, workshops were conducted with the integrator to draft specifications and deliver an initial version of the tool capable of supporting the process.

Finally, an Agile approach was adopted to deliver new tool versions regularly (every 6 to 8 weeks) to incorporate user feedback during deployment. Before each release, project teams conduct tool testing in different environments (Testing, Preproduction, Production).

In parallel with tool development, numerous change management activities are conducted (awareness, training, communication, etc.).


Improved processes and a tool currently being deployed among stakeholders sensitized to Configuration Management, aligned with the data management requirements inherent to a project of such magnitude.

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