PVAO – SCM consulting firms. Their vision of the supply chain of the future

Catégorie : interview

Mews Partners is listed in the « PVAO – Cabinets de conseil en SCM. Leur vision de la supply chain du futur » in the February 2024 issue of Supply Chain Magazine. 

In this issue of “Pour Vos Appels d’Offres”, Mikaël Pichavant – Senior Partner in charge of Operations at Mews Partners – sets out his vision of future developments in the supply chain. He underlines the transformations to expect in the coming years, particularly as a result of the growing importance of reducing the climatic impact of activities and the need to take into account the well-being of staff (reducing hardship, encouraging flexibility), particularly in the interests of attractiveness. In addition, he highlights the emergence of AI and the growing demands for traceability as key factors driving the transformation of the supply chain in several sectors.

“I don’t foresee any major disruptions in the years to come, but I have a sense that various trends will accelerate.”

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