R&D - Smart design

Smart design


Smart design

We help our customers design great products and services to make them ready for the future. ”

R&D - Smart design

The multifaceted challenges of design

Being competitive, responsible, resilient, digital, and innovative all at once is today’s challenge for R&D departments and major industrial projects. At the core of the most crucial decisions impacting the final product’s performance, R&D carries complex decisions as well as significant risks. It requires excellence in anticipating its capabilities, mastering sound engineering techniques, and executing projects, which may necessitate a true transformation. As a result, it must be able to objectively measure and manage its performance.

A comprehensive range of R&D expertise

We have built a comprehensive range of R&D expertise and proven methods across various industrial sectors to help our clients gain control or rethink specific developments or transform their organizations.

We help our customers design their products and services:

  • by embracing the stakes of the whole value chain,
  • by providing in-depth expertise and professional techniques to make their projects successful,
  • by transforming R&D organizations. 

Our value offering comprises 9 sub-offerings that we effectively combine with each other and with our clients’ know-how to provide tailored, concrete, and sustainable solutions.

Diagnosis & Capability Management


Engineering & knowledge management

Green R&D & Eco-design

Design to X & Modular design

Program and Project Management

Lean & Agile Engineering

Digital R&D

R&D People and organization

Case studies

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A team of experts

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